Halservice Catalogue

In 1943 John Bernard Halse, Halse's third generation, started sending out his seed catalogue to every farmer in the South West. In 1946 he added Machinery and by the early 60's the print run had reached 20,000 copies. After 76 editions over 10,000 copies are still sent out every year to potential customers, starkly reflecting the changes in agriculture over the decades. If you would like to recieve our catalogue, or for that matter would no longer like to recieve it, please send us an email to sales@halse.co.uk. 

We have many long standing relationships with many suppliers. Our longest supplier is McConnel Ltd, who have appeared in our Halservice Catalogue since 1949, we are proud of this joint history now spanning 8 decades!

A montage of every edition pre 2017 is on display in the entrance to our new premesis, and creates a lot of interest.