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Portequip Grassland Aerators

3m Grassland Aerator

  • Robust 80 x 80 box section frame with unladen weight of 640kg.
  • Heavy duty rotor and bearings.
  • Heavy Duty Tray and Ballast.
  • Hydraulic angling of rotor allows operator to adjust angle from tractor seat.This allow’s wider slits and more break up of compacted soil thus encouraging root growth.
  • Available with Front and Rear Linkage

5.4m Grassland Aerator

  • Hydraulic angling on all Rotor’s.
  • 96 Boron Steel Blade’s 240mm x 12mm for long life use.
  • Manual Swing Round.
  • Heavy Duty Ballast Tray’s.
  • Unladen Weight of 1200 Kg.
  • Cover’s a large area of Ground in very little time.
  • 190mm of Blade into Ground.

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Brand name: Portequip
Model name: Portequip Grassland Aerators