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Tamar Squeeze Handling Trailer

This newly designed handling trailer is based on our popular Tamar squeeze crush - with tandem, parallel squeezing sides, to help restrain various sized cattle.

It includes our unique hand operated, hydraulic chin lift and is supplied with 8 (no) 2.26m long x 1.65m high 6-rail cattle hurdles - 4 mounted on each side of the unit. 

  • Retractable wheels, powered by the tractor hydraulic system.
  • Retractable drawbar with pick up ring.
  • Trailer road lighting on fold back panels with wiring concealed within the trailer chassis.
  • Sheeted sliding control gates.
  • Rear section contains a separate floor section which can be mounted on 600mm load bars to form a weighing platform.
  • Personal access area behind crush.
  • Fully hot dip galvanized (including axle beams)
Brand name: Bateman
Model name: Tamar Squeeze Handling Trailer