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Eurodisc is the most robust product in the Ovlac short disc harrow series. It fits  24″ discs (610 mm) with an aggressive angle of attack both in vertical and in the working directions. That is why the Eurodisc has a high penetration capacity and provides an intense mixing and tilling of the stubble at depths of up to 15cm.

In accordance with the product robustness, the Eurodisc features leaf spring stone protection which, on top of being a well proven system, is 100% maintenance-free. Likewise, as well as with the other short disc harrows series, the Eurodisc discs are mounted on independent tines so an eventual obstacle does not interrupt the action of several discs at once.

To support the intense task performed by the discs, the Eurodisc counts on tines made out of top quality high elastic limit steel, as well as an oversized frame. The large clearance of the Eurodisc allows to handle any kind and volume of residue with no need to worry about clogging problems.

The sealed hubs with double conical bearings are 100% maintenance free and provide absolute reliability. 

Brand name: Ovlac
Model name: Eurodisc

- The Eurodisc offers a unique leafspring overload protection which provides an extraordinary break away force thus ensuring that discs keep their right working angle even in hard conditions. 

- 100% maintenance-free sealed hubs. Ovlac ́s own design, the disc hubs feature a double conical bearing. This allows that the large 24” discs are held by their inner side which offers a more gentle transmission of side forces towards the bracket on the frame as well as a better protection of hubs from soil projections coming from neighboring discs or wearing from contact with the soil surface. 

- The discs of the Eurodisc are set in a very aggressive angle. That is why the quality of the work delivered by the Eurodisc is so extraordinary, even with the most difficult crop residues.

- Discs are mounted on independent tines so that only the disc meeting an obstacle will trip up without affecting any other neighboring disc. Their aggressive angle results in an extremely intense chopping and mixing action.