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Sherpa - Self propelled

The Strautmann Sherpa – The entry level

  • Very easy to manoeuvre 
  • Low overall height 
  •  Simple 
  • The perfect model to start off with 

The new generation of Strautmann self-propelled feeder mixers

Makes the labour-intensive feeding procedure much easier thus saving time and money. Homogeneously mixed components mean the cows can no longer select the fodder 

- Higher milk yield with improved ingredients 

All animals are fed the optimum ration from the physiological point of view and less prone to diseases. Healthy cows are more profitable cows. 

Brand name: Strautmann
Model name: Sherpa - Self propelled

Mixer drive

  • Hydrostatical with 2 speed levels

Loading arm lowering

  • Manual


  •   Manual operation (hydraulic operation - from the drivers seat - available as an optional extra)
  •   Enable chopping of whole bales and optimise the mixing quality


Axle & suspension

  • Standard unsprung axles (15 km/h)
  • With 25 km/h hydraulic suspension
  • Rigid front axle, rear steering axle
  • Very easy to manoeuvre
  • Steering angle of 55°
  •  Differential lock

Lighting & camera

  •   Lighting for road traffic according to STVZO (note of transl.: German Road Traffic Licensing Code)
  • 2 work lights on the cabin
  • 2 reversing lights (optional)  2 work lights on the discharge (optional)
  • 2 work lights on the bottom of the pick-up arm (optional)
  • Standard with rear-view camera
  • Mixing tub camera with work light


  • Mounted at the center of the back of milling cutter for quick, gentle material flow
  • Smooth running, low-maintenance elevator conveyor made of rubber
  • Hydraulically powered
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment
  • Reversible for exact picking-up of components

Fodder picking-up & transport

  • Clean picking up right to the bottom
  • Fast running elevator conveyor for clean feed flow
  • Optimum parabolic trajectory from the elevator into the mixing containerAutomatic cutter arm lowering for quick and effortless working

High-performance milling cutter

  • 2 m in width
  • 114 knives efficiently take the fodder out of the silo
  • Helical arrangement of knives for maximum picking-up performance with clean cut surface
  • 60 cranked and 54 straight knives