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Verti-Mix Double K

Strautmann Verti-Mix fodder mixing wagons

Contribute substantially to increase the productivity of modern dairy farms. The perfect geometry of container and Vario mixing auger ensures: 

  • Optimum fodder structure
  • Homogeneous mixing 
  • Energy-saving short mixing times

Excellent mixing quality and proven low horse power mixing guarantee absolute cost effectiveness for any kind of application. 

The fodder mixing wagons of the Verti-Mix Double series particularly excel by their high mixing capacity, while maintaining compact dimensions. Based upon the single auger vertical mixers, which are known for their gentle and quick mixing, the Verti-Mix Double is equipped with 2 vertical Vario mixing augers. Apart from the quick preparation of larger fodder mixtures, the Verti-Mix Double models can particularly demonstrate their strengths in the powerful undoing of round and square bales.

● Usable mixing capacity of 13 - 21 m³. ● Unique container shape for low design. ● 50 - 150 cows per container filling. ● Power required from 55 - 74 HP (41 - 54 kW).

Brand name: Strautmann
Model name: Verti-Mix Double K

Why use a Verti-Mix........  

1, Excellent mixing quality - because only cows getting optimum nutrition are healthier and deliver higher milk yields.  

2, Low power requirement - reducing your diesel consumption.

3, Flexibility - the Verti-Mix can adapt to your farm requirements.

4, Reliability - cows need feeding 365 days a year!

5, Vario2 auger - speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.