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Verti-Mix L

Strautmann Verti-Mix L - Low overall height

Contribute substantially to increase the productivity of modern dairy farms. The perfect geometry of container and Vario mixing auger ensures: 

  • Optimum fodder structure
  • Homogeneous mixing 
  • Energy-saving short mixing times

Excellent mixing quality and proven low horse power mixing guarantee absolute cost effectiveness for any kind of application. 

● Usable mixing capacity of 7.5 - 12.5 m³. ● Capacity expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments. ● All components have been designed for maximum capacity. ● Offset axle for low overall height. ● Highest stability of the container due to patented design of the hopper.

Brand name: Strautmann
Model name: Verti-Mix L

Why use a Verti-Mix........  

1, Excellent mixing quality - because only cows getting optimum nutrition are healthier and deliver higher milk yields.  

2, Low power requirement - reducing your diesel consumption.

3, Flexibility - the Verti-Mix can adapt to your farm requirements.

4, Reliability - cows need feeding 365 days a year!

5, Vario2 auger - speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.