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The well-known Becker Aeromat has been developed based on 35 years of experience of precision drill technology. A precise drilling distance, equal drilling depth and high working speeds are always the demands to fulfill for an effective way of planting. Therefore all Becker Aeromat precision drills are equipped with the patented Compressed Air System to seperate the seed. 

The Becker Aeromat is available in working widths from 3.00 to 9.00 m and with row widths from 30 cm. The standard row spacing is 75 cm. As standard the metering unit is equipped with large rubber pressure/depth control wheels with a diameter of 500 mm. (Type S). 

The new system of a rotating ejector does not need to go as deep in the cell wheel as the previous system. Therefore the air-pressure can be reduced from 140 mBar to as little as 80mBar. 

Brand name: Kongskilde - Becker
Model name: Aeromat

Less is more - The Aeromat basic model.

Easy, simple but complete and equipped as a basic seed drill. Equipped with the new M20 metering unit, but fertilizer equipment is an option. Available in 4, 6, 8 or 12 row models.

All models can be ordered with double disc openers and V-shaped pressure wheels for heavy soils (type DTE) or (type S) equipped with rear mounted pressure/ depth control wheels. As flexible as the other 2 ranges, the Eco-Line series is available with different type of frames: rigid, telescopic and parallel foldable.

Equipped with the mechanical blower drive and 30litre seedhoppers, the Eco-Line series is aimed at the small to medium size farmers.

Your ”Eco-Line” can be tailor-made to your own requirements; e.g. for fertiliser application, most models can be combined with a front hopper or the Becker Aeromat “Maxi-Line” trailed fertilizer hopper. In addition to this, the Eco-Line models can of course be equipped with other acessoires at the point of order, or at a later stage so that the machine can also full- ll changeable future demands.

  • M20 metering unit as standard equipment, S or DTE version

  • Variety of different accessories

  • Ideal for on-farm use

  • The perfect entry-level model 

As standard all the models from the Farm-Line range are equipped with fertilizer hopper.

From 4 row, as a solo machine or in combination with a power harrow, all the way up to a 12 row with 9.00 m working width: Everything depending on farm size and way of use, the Farm Line range is built up to suit the independant farmer, even contractors often choose these models as standard equipment.

The fertilizer is placed in the soil with either a spring loaded tine coulter or by means of disc-openers in combination with the DTE-type metering unit. Both solutions secure an optimum placement of the fertilizer, 5 cm below and 5 cm to the side of the seeds in the row.

Large sized metering units combined with a stepless gearbox ensures accuracy independant of the application rate. Air support is used for the rows situated further away from the fertilizer hopper.

  • M20 metering unit, fertilizer equipment, S or DTE version

  • Variety of different accessories

  • The well-equipped model 

The top class model range were special attention is given to the combination of performance and ease to use.

Capacity is the key-word for the Pro -Line machines. High capacity hoppers for both seed and fertilizer minimize down-time and ensure effective drilling time from early to late into the season.

The use of a hydraulic driven fan in combination with the classic 8-row contractor machine, ensures that both singulation of the seed and the necessary air flow for the fertilizer placement can be reached at a low tractor engine speed.

This saves both energy and extra costs.

The use of the machines from the Pro Line range is compared to the ones from the other two ranges, based on comfort and user friendlyness. After adjustment of the basic settings all the operational functions are continuously electronically controlled so the operator can concentrate on driving. From experience, both contractor and large scale farmers appreciate this.

  • M20 metering unit, high speci cation level, S or DTE version

  • High degree of productivity

  • Ideal for contractors / large farms

  • The professional model 

Becker Aeromat C “E-motion“ is a new generation of precision drilling machine employing electrically-driven row units, thus meeting the needs of the most demanding contractor.

Each row unit of the Becker Aeromat C “E-motion“ is powered by an electric
motor, thereby eliminating the high maintenance levels and expensive wear-and-tear associated with traditional mechanical drives. As a result down-time is minimised, maintenance costs are kept low, and the machine’s performance and effectiveness are increased during the short drilling period. Its compact design 
allows smooth operation and low power consumption, with trouble-free power supply through the tractor’s own electronic system. Becker Aeromat C “E-motion“ is controlled, monitored and adjusted from the simple and intuitively-operated standard Field- Operator 300 terminal; all operating functions are controlled directly from the tractor seat. Consequently this minimises the need to leave the tractor seat when moving from field to field, an important feature for professional contractors. Other unnecessary downtime on mechanical adjustments (e.g. seed spacing) is therefore avoided, further increasing output and effectiveness during the brief drilling window, as all adjustments, including customer-specific applications, tramline settings etc are controlled directly from the terminal. 

  • Seed spacings or seeding volumes can be instantly adjusted in work

  • Switching-off of individual rows

  • Individual switching of tramline widths – tramlines can be set for any spraying width

  • “Flagging“ of tramlines at pre-emergence stage

  • Increased seed volume on rows adjoining tramlines

  • GPS interface for section control. Automated partial width switching for seed-conserving drilling in irregularly-shaped elds.