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MTR Range - Maga (R) Precision Drill

The MAGA (R) Precision Drill is an all-purpose vacuum planter for all types of seeds in cultivated or minimally tilled soil.

The Gaspardo MAGA (R) has a minimum horsepower requirement of 120hp, comes with a working width of 5.8m and has 8 variable width rows using MTR planting units. It has a telescopic frame that closes down to 3m for easy and safe road transport and a high capacity fertiliser tank.

Standard Features:

  • Muller Precimat Control Unit
  • Wheel track bout markers
  • 6 spline PTO shaft
  • 7.50 x 16 drive wheels
  • Variable row spacing 45-75cm
  • Clod pusher
  • 60L seed hopper
  • 36x 4.5mm Ø hole seeding disc
  • 2” V Shaped press wheel
  • Lights
  • 900L Big Bag fertiliser hopper *where fitted
  • 30L microgranulator applicator hoppers *where fitted