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MTR Range - Mirka (R) Precision Drill

The Gaspardo MIRKA(R) combines a Mounted folding frame with the proven MTR units giving accuracy at speed whilst being able to carry big bag fertiliser on the rear. As with other models the 8 MTR units are set at 75cm centres but the heavier mounted frame allows fertiliser, microgranules and seed all to be carried on the drill.

Standard Features:

  • Muller Precimat Control Unit
  • Centre track bout markers
  • 6 spline PTO shaft
  • 4x 26.00x12 drive wheels
  • Forward folding wings for 3m transport
  • 75cm row spacing
  • 1400L Fertiliser hopper
  • Clod pusher
  • 36x 4.5mm Ø hole seeding disc
  • 60L Seed Hoppers
  • 2” V Shaped press wheel
  • Lights
  • 30L microgranulator applicator hoppers *where fitted