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Tramline SE & SX Seed Drill

Very strong twin beam carrying frame

The single-piece hopper is mounted on this double beam chassis. This design makes the TRAMLINE particularly robust and enables you to carry out intensive drilling operations with complete peace of mind. It also guarantees an extended lifetime and resale value.

Accuracy from the SULKY peg-wheel metering

Thanks to SULKY expertise and the use of hard-wearing materials, this distribution gives you many advantages:

– Precise application rate from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha

– Multi-purpose, from rapeseed to beans

– Quick and easy calibration test, with the seed drill on the ground

– Complete hopper emptying due to the separating baffles at the hopper base.

Brand name: Sulky
Model name: Tramline SE & SX Seed Drill

UNISOC or UNIDISC: a top of the range drilling system


Thanks to the springs positioned high up on the drilling bars, the powerful double-effect mechanism provides numerous advantages:

– Application pressure onto the drilling elements of up to 30 kg with the UNIDISC or up to 20 kg in UNISOC (springs compressed)

– Pressure relief of the drilling elements for light drilling (springs released)

– Extreme vertical clearance to pass over plant debris.

– Possibility of fitting SULKY press wheels on the tool bar