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Xeos MD/HD Seed Drill

Designed for farmers and contractors, the Xeos MD and HD integrated pneumatic seed drills sow all your crops precisely.

Their centralised hoppers enable the seed drill to be filled quickly by Big Bags or sacks.

The new universal metering unit guarantees you an accurate application rate for all sorts of seed, from rapeseed to beans, with application rates from 1 to 450 kg with no dismantling necessary.

Choose drilling that’s right for your land, Unisocs or Unidisc, which will provide you with even emergence.

Working width 3 m, 3.50 m and 4 metres

Hopper capacity 1000 to 1800 litres

Brand name: Sulky
Model name: Xeos MD/HD Seed Drill

New adjustable distribution system inside

1- Universal metering unit: accommodates all seed types without changing metering roller! Record performances: a new setting range, from 1 kg/ha to 450 kg/ha at 8 km/h, for wheat, etc.

2 – Accessible and ergonomic: rapid calibration testing can be carried out without disassembly; the hopper is emptied completely in a matter of seconds.

3 – More air: the low-speed, extra-large fan (6-inch) is silent and supplies large volumes of air. The hydraulic drive (optional on Xeos MD) makes operating easy.

UNISOC 3R drilling system

  • The UNISOC 3R drilling system uses Suffolk coulters on 3 identical rows: it gives 330 mm clearence between each row.
  • With this drilling system you can sow on ploughed or carefully tilled gound thanks to its ability to remove large volumes of plant debris, even with narrow inter-row spacing.
  • On the standard model, the depth pressure is adjusted with a central, graduated control; a hydraulic pressure kit is available as an option.
  • The highly resistant cast iron coulter stems, the anti-clogging flap for drilling on ploughed soil and the “anti-pat-down” device (pressure mounted spring) mean that the UNISOC 3R standard drill is a “sound investment”.

Enterrage double effet

  1. Small seeds at surface level

    Shallow drilling or drilling on very loose soil: you can finely adjust your depth pressure, if necessary to   complete release (“0” kg of pressure) of the weight of the UNISOC coulter unit!

  2. Large seeds at desired depth

    Deep drilling or increased forward speeds: you have high pressure up to 20 kg from the UNISOC at your fingertips.