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1240 Contractor Mill

The 1240 contractor mill is designed for today’s grain contractor, its rugged undercarriage allows for fast travel over long distances and smoothly over rough terrain.

 Our integrated applicators can store 2000Litres of alkaline or acidic preservatives. These applicators allow the contractor to travel from farm to farm, dry rolling, flat rolling, crimping and grinding grain for farmers. The easy flow adjustment of these applicators makes it ideal for applying a range of minerals and proteins. All combinable grains beans peas maize oats barley etc are easily processed with our fluted solid chilled rolls guarantee  long service. Maintenance is easily completed with our easy access points. Bearings are easily greased from a central location.

After rolling large volumes of grain particularly with alkaline products the mill will require a thorough cleaning, power washing & drain ports allows this to be finished in minutes, eliminating future downtime. We have offer volume and weight based throughput recording. Contractor can provide customer with a receipt for work done. Multiple discharge options are available for the mill including a conveyor, elevator, auger or bagged into a sleeve.

Horsepower requirements for this machine are 180Hp.