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Wakely 0510

The Wakely 0510 dry rolling mill was originally designed with millers, farmers and co-ops in mind. the design has been tweaked over the years and it is now also popular in industry, with brewers, and in the recycling business where life is hard for a machine like this. The machine is fast, flexible, easy to set up and to adjust and it’s very intuitive and easy to operate.  With no metal to metal contact, the Wakely 0510 is the quietest and smoothest machine on the market. It’s fast, economical and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Output of 10 tonnes per hour
  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • Parallel roll adjustment can either be spring tensioned or hydraulically tensioned
  • Several flute types available depending on application
  • Fast and easy flow control adjustment
  • High quality precision balanced solid chilled rollers (51o*300mm)
  • Over-sized spherical roller bearings
  • Working surfaces are 50 – 54 Rockwell hardness
  • Two 11kW motors supplied
  • Designed to crimp, roll, flake and grind every type of animal feed
  • Sound suppression system for quiet, comfortable operation
  • Can be manually operated or part of a fully automated system