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DX30 Range

DX 30 & DX30+ at a glance

  • 12 to 36 m working width
  • Hopper capacity 1500 to 3000 litres of fertiliser
  • Width setting by feed point on the disc
  • Quality controlled construction, ISO 9001-certified
  • Long-lasting paint

The spreading widths you're looking for ... the easy way

The DX30+ model provides:

  • 36m with good quality fertiliser
  • 28m with any fertiliser

Graduated sectors redesigned for your convenience:

  • Large sectors for error-free width adjustments
  • Complete calibration visibility regardless of the number of hectares spread.
Brand name: Sulky
Model name: DX30 Range

FERTIWAY width control system is the benchmark in centrifugal spreading.

Developed on the DPX range and perfected on the DX range, the FERTIWAY width control system is the benchmark in centrifugal spreading. It works by modifying the placement point of the fertiliser on the disc, using an exclusive output chute.

1- The chute: Angled chute guides the fertiliser accurately onto the disc.

2 – The placement point: the indispensable mechanism to guarantee large widths. Adjusting it does not require any change to the disc rotation speed or the ejection blades.


Tilted hopper doors: a detail that makes all the difference

3 important points:

  • Complete emptying of the hopper,
  • Shutters operable regardless of hopper load,
  • Instant opening/closing with no blockage possible.