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Fan Jet Pro

The Pro is the most popular Fan Jet and is suitable to fit to, and use with all machines including ATV's, UTV's, tractors, self propelled and trailed sprayers, and cultivation machinery - in fact any vehicle, or even boats, with a 12 volt power source.

Although it is used primarily to spread slug pellets to 24m from a wide variety of vehicles, it is equally suitable as a seed broadcaster, especially with the Grass Seed Deflector, or Vario control. Re-seed or over-seed pasture with a tined grass harrow, or broadcast small seeds such as rape, turnip and clover from a stubble cultivator. Use with chemical granules such as herbicide granules in glasshouses or on land, weed control in waterways, low rate fertiliser applications, game feeding, etc. It will spread most free flowing products - widths will depend on the size, shape and density - larger, more aerodynamic, heavy products spread further. If the width must be restricted, choose the Vario disc speed control.

Available with 2 hopper capacities, either 65 litres (approx 50 kgs slug pellets or 22 kgs grass) or 130 litres (approx 100 kgs slug pellets or 45 kgs grass) and is named ' Fan Jet Pro 65 ', or ' Fan Jet Pro 130 ' accordingly.

Brand name: Stocks
Model name: Fan Jet Pro
  • Choice of 65 litre or 130 litre hoppers 
  • Easy empty hopper. Simply pull a pin and the complete machine tips through 90 degrees for quick, safe emptying of contents.
  • Weight. Net 35 kgs. Gross 85kgs (65L) 135 kgs (130L)
  • Power requirement. 12 volts DC - 20 amps.
  • Dimensions - mm. W500 x D560 x H820 (65L) or H940 (130L)