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XT Trailed Fertiliser Spreader Range

Extraordinary site application rates

Exceptional performance, fully multi-functioning

  • With fertiliser granules, work on widths from 18 to 50 m in mechanical drive.
  • Up to 5 tonnes/ha with wet bulk or organic pellets
  • One single machine for several applications: all configurations are available and interchangeable depending on the product to be spread, granulates or other bulk forms, organic pellets, or powder,

The choice is yours!

For granulates, benefit from a proven mechanism, tested on mounted spreaders, with record levels of autonomy. The granulate discs are equipped as standard with Epsilon vane system = 2 jets per vane for complete overlap.

For example, 90 ha per hour, spreading 300 kg/ha at 18 km/h over a working width of 50 m.

Ultra-resistant 700 mm steel discs: from 3 to 5 Tonnes/ha

Brand name: Sulky
Model name: XT Trailed Fertiliser Spreader


The XT uses Econov section shut-off


  • 6 spreading sections and all combinations possible.
  • For example, you can open just one section on the outside


Only management system of its kind on the market with the spreading area shaped in a curve:

  • Excellent fertiliser spreading,
  • Up to 15% fertiliser saving