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Deauville Horse Trailer

The Deauville is our most popular front unload horse trailer, with a generous 7’ 3″ headroom allowing horses up to 17 hands to be transported. The centrally hinged division is very easy to operate and allows plenty of space for entry and exit. The Deauville has a double internal saddle rack and cover that can remain in place during unloading. The larger front window incorporating a coupling mirror, combined with the white interior gives a very light and airy environment and allows a view of the horse during transit.

As standard he trailer has a rot proof plastic and galvanised steel floor for total security with two 18mm thick, removable rubber stall mats. A full aluminium Plank floor is offered as an option. Full width front and rear bars are also available for use with the division removed. The grooms door can be fitted with an extra security bolt if a mare and foal are to be transported.

The standard rear ramp has a steel top door that lifts on gas struts; alternatively the trailer is available with the ‘Boston’ option of American doors with two hinged ventilator flaps and short pull out ramp.

Brand name: Bateson
Model name: Deauville Horse Trailer

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