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Vertical Auger Spreaders

7 models available. The Lowlander Mk4 range is designed to meet the needs of both farmers and contractors. Body width 1500mm. Standard augers. 6 to 15 tonnes. 6 to 21 m3. 

Our most popular models:

Lowlander Mk4 - 75-10

Carrying capacity: 10 tonnes Cubic Meters Heaped: 12.9m

Lowlander Mk4 - 105c

Carrying capacity:12.6 tonnes Cubic meters heaped: N/A

Lowlander Mk4 - 120

Carrying capacity:14 tonnes Cubic meters heaped:14.6m
Brand name: Bunning
Model name: Vertical Auger Spreaders

- Dynamically balanced twin vertical augers

- Augers protected by rubber cushioned drive

- Auger gearbox protection via shearbolt

- Reversible cutters with re-inforcing plate

- One piece auger gearbox arrangement

- Long lasting composit floor shaft bearings

- Floor protected by cross line relief valve

- High torque hydraulic motor

- Quick fit socket on full width floor slats

- Calibrated grade 80 high tensile floor chains

- Variable floor speed control

- 1000 rpm PTO speed or 540

- Single pole drawbar for tighter turning circle

- Hydraulic brakes & handbrake

- Full road lighting

Especially developed to reduce shock loads to the auger drive gearbox, the rubber cushion arrangement located between the output shaft of the auger gearbox and the base of the auger contributes to the reliability and longevity of the machine.