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220 Gallon Towable Fuel Bowser

The smallest in our range at 220 gallon / 980 litre, Chieftain’s UN approved bunded towable Fuel Bowser complies with all UN fuel transportation regulations and has full EU type approval. Benefiting from being just less than 1000 litres, removing the need for an ADR license, this permits the safe and legal transportation of diesel on the open highway. The tough chassis and high speed twin axles ensure ease of towing for the driver, and with a lockable cabinet and ball hitch lock ensure a secure method of bringing fuel to and from site.



  • Twin axle type approved chassis
  • 4mm mild steel baffled inner tank
  • Torsion rubber suspension
  • Over-run braking system to full road specification
  • 165/80 R13 Tyres
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Four digit flow meter
  • In-line strainer filter
  • 12V ISO system to full road specification
  • Auto reverse 50mm Bradley coupling
  •  Lockable filler cap with drip guard
  • Lifting eyes
  • Fuel delivery hose
  • Automatic shut off nozzle
  • 20 metre spring rewind reel
  • 12 volt double pump
  • Water block filer
  • Back up piston hand pump
  • 100 litre Adblue tank