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Reversible Mounted Ploughs

Ovlac’s range of reversible ploughs is made up of 5 Series, 5 Ranges, so you can always find the ideal solution to suit your available power and soil conditions. 

Taking into account working conditions, OVLAC ploughs can be equipped with three different protection systems. 

  • Shear Bolt Security System
  • Leafspring Security System
  • Hydraulic Non-Stop System
Brand name: Ovlac
Model name: Reversible Mounted Ploughs


Specially designed for light soils and when weight is a limiting factor. Main frame of 110 by 110 mm square profile section and 100 mm headstock shaft. Ploughs from 2 to 4 furrows. Rated up to maximum power of 27 HP (20 kW) per body. 


This series is also limited to 4 furrows, although in this case the main frame is 100 by 150 mm and the headstock shaft is increased to a diameter of 110 mm. This structure is rated up to maximum power of 160 HP (120 kW). 


Featuring a substantial 140 mm diameter headstock shaft. This series is available in a four or five furrow configuration, and is rated up to 220 HP (164 kW). At the same time, it keeps the 100 by 150 mm frame section of the 160 Series to stay light.


Higher Strength available as 4 and 5 furrow configurations designed for arduous conditions and higher horse power. Rated up to 260 HP (194 kW). 150 by 150 mm frame section and reinforced headstock with a 140 mm shaft diameter. 


The Pinnacle in the mounted range available as five and six furrow configurations. With a superstructure design consisting of 150 by 150 mm frame section- Heat treated 140mm headstock. Substantial reinforced Hardox supports and larger turnover ram. This range topping mounted plough is capable of remarkably high work rates. Rated up to 300 HP (224 kW). 





Shear Bolt Security System

The simplest of all three. The shear bolt thickness, steel grade and position are calculated so it breaks under a pressure of approx. 3000 kg exerted at the point. It is highly recommended that broken shear bolts be replaced by genuine ones; a non-genuine shear bolt, bearing a different dimension or steel grade can result in serious damage to the main plough frame for not correctly accomplishing its task. 

Leafspring Security System

A classic by OVLAC, having been used for over three decades, its dependability and efficiency are well proven. As the plough body elevates when going over an obstacle, leafspring pressure diminishes, this feature results in the minimum pressure being exerted on the plough structure. Double security: In all configurations of the 260/300 series frog legs are bolted on to the beam; not welded. One of these fixing bolts is conceived as a shear bolt, thus behaving as an additional non-stop system.

Hydraulic Non-Stop System

Regulated trip mechanism. It allows for adapting release pressure according to soil conditions. In heavy or compacted soil, pressure can be increased in order to guarantee penetration and maintain an optimal working position of the bodies. On the contrary, under stony conditions pressure can be set lower in order not to bring stones onto the surface. All configurations of the 260/300 series frog legs are also bolted on to the beam, and not welded thus benefitting from dual security. 


Working width adjustment is available in all Ovlac ploughs in order to adapt the plough to soil conditions or the desired work.

Working width of all “m” models (SM, AM, HM,) can be manually adjusted by simply shifting positions of the support bolt into a different hole on the beam. There are four different working widths with 2 inch increment adjustments.

All “V” style ploughs (SV, AV and HV) come with the well known Ovlac Varilabor variable working width as standard. Working width can be hydraulically operated from the tractor cab between 12 and 20 inches per body (can slightly change depending on different models). This feature provides several advantages: 

- Optimized output, making the most of the tractor power.

- Adaptation to desired work in terms of working depth, soil type, crop types and seasons.

- Adaptation to ploughing plot individualities: Topography and obstructions.

Automatic Memory System: The complete range of Ovlac reversible ploughs in 5 and 6 furrows comes as standard with an automatic memory system which withdraws the plough main frame to its minimum width so as to guarantee a gentle turning over and avoid that the rear end of the plough hitting the ground. Once this operation is done, the plough automatically returns to the originally set working width.