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The MiniMax is an all round roller which can be used for many purposes. Rolling pre and post sowing and rolling of winter drilled crops can all be done with the one and same roller. MiniMax is also ideal as a machine to tow behind stubble or seedbed implements to use as a leveling and consolidation tool. MiniMax is a hydraulic folding roller with all folding operations done from a stationary position from the tractor seat. Due to the large overlap between each section optimal rolling is achieved across the full working width, even when turning and working on un-even ground. The mechanical weight transfer system, 2 heavy duty springs, transfers weight from the centre section to the wing sections ensuring even soil pressure across the full working width. The DUOFLEX system ensures that each roller sections works independently and accurately follows the ground contours. MiniMax 9.30 m comes, as standard, with a hydraulic weight transfer system to ensure even soil pressure across the full working width. 

Brand name: Dal.Bo
Model name: MiniMax

6 year guarantee on SNOWFLAKE Rings


Mechanical weight transfer (2 springs)

60 mm shafts CRMO4V-steel

Transport Width: 2.50 m

Wheels: 6.30 m: 300/80x15.3 TWIN 6.30x60,

              8.30 m: 400/60x15.5 TWIN

Hydr. services: 1xS-acting 1xD-acting 

The DUOFLEX-System ensures that each roller section works independently, by means of slots in the piston rods. This means that an optimal contact with the soil is achieved along the whole working width even in difficult conditions. Two heavy springs ensure an even weight distribution to the side sections.