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Hydraulic folding rollers with horizontal roller sections and very low centre of gravity. Folding and unfolding is carried out hydraulically from the tractor, which is in a stationary position. By virtue of the big overlap between each section an optimal rolling is achieved along the whole working width – even by turns and in uneven ground. The hydraulic weight transfer allows to transfer weight from the middle section to the side sections achieving an even soil pressure over the entire working width. The DUOFLEX-System ensures that each roller section works independently.

Brand name: Dal.Bo
Model name: PowerRoll

DAL-BO quality cast iron with 3 years guarantee

6 year guarantee on SNOWFLAKE®

DUOFLEX - System

Automatical transport Lock

Hydr. weight transfer

LED road lights

12.30m XL and wider models have hydraulic brakes

14.30m to 18.30m models have rubber suspended bearings

At least 500 kg weight per m 

Maintenance free bearings

60 mm shaft of CRM04V-steel

Transport Width: 3 m

Wheels: 10.30 m: 400/60x15.5 TWIN

              12.30 m: 480/45x17 TWIN

              12.30 m XL: 520/50x17 TWIN

              14.30 m - 18.30 m: 600/50x22.5 TWIN 

The DUOFLEX-system with accumulators enables each roller section to independently follow ground contours. Hydraulic weight distribution is standard equipment on the 5-section PowerRoll. Two heavy rams transfer weight to the side sections achieving a 100% even soil pressure over the complete working width.